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1st private moon flight passenger to invite creative guests

After announcing that he'll take the first-ever commercial rocket trip around the moon, Yusaku Maezawa said he wants company for the weeklong journey. The Japanese billionaire said he plans ...

10 hours ago from

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SpaceX to announce private moon flight passenger

SpaceX is on the verge of announcing the name of person who would be the first private passenger on a trip around the moon.

Mon 17 Sep 18 from

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NASA blasts off space laser satellite to track ice loss

NASA's most advanced space laser satellite blasted off Saturday on a mission to track ice loss around the world and improve forecasts of sea level rise as the climate warms.

Sat 15 Sep 18 from

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Opportunity Mars rover rescue effort begins as skies clear

NASA has started the clock ticking on rescue operations for the robotic Opportunity Mars rover. With the Martian skies clearing after a months-long global dust storm, the space agency ...

Thu 13 Sep 18 from Gizmag

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Russia, US address ISS leak in joint statement

Over two weeks after an air leak was detected and sealed aboard a Soyuz TMA capsule berthed with the International Space Station (ISS), NASA and the Russian space Agency, Roscosmos, have ...

Sat 15 Sep 18 from Gizmag

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NASA launches ice laser satellite atop retiring US booster

A revolutionary new satellite entered orbit and a veteran rocket retired today as NASA's Ice, Cloud and land Elevation Satellite-2 (ICESat-2) lifted off from Space Launch Complex-2 at ...

Sun 16 Sep 18 from Gizmag

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Did Usain Bolt win the space race?

Retired sprinter Usain Bolt took part in a zero gravity race as part of a champagne promotion.

Thu 13 Sep 18 from BBC News

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With Elon Musk’s moonshot, nothing is guaranteed

Musk wants to send a Japanese billionaire and several artists on a trip around the moon, but there are many questions about cost and timing.

8 hours ago from The Washington Post

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Is Time Running Out For NASA's Mars Opportunity Rover?

Since June 10, the 14-year-old Opportunity rover has been silent, presumably sleeping as thick dust clouds blocked the Sun from its solar cells. But now, that sky is clearing, and NASA is implementing ...

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Discover Magazine

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Kilopower Project: Los Alamos' New Nuclear Reactors Could Power Spacecraft and Moon Bases

The future of space exploration may rest in the hands of a group of Los Alamos National Laboratory researchers. They’ve built the first of a new generation of small nuclear reactors intended ...

24 hours ago from Discover Magazine

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