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First particle tracks seen in prototype for international neutrino experiment

The largest liquid-argon neutrino detector in the world has just recorded its first particle tracks, signaling the start of a new chapter in the story of the international Deep Underground Neutrino ...

7 hours ago from

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Feature: Meetings: Building Opportunities for Palestinian Science

Physicists gathered in the West Bank to discuss research trends, as well as ways to boost scientific collaboration in the region.[Physics 11, 92] Published Thu Sep 13, 2018

Thu 13 Sep 18 from APS Physics

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Experimental refrigeration system uses magnetic fields and shape-shifting alloys

Besides superfluous features like touchscreens and internal cameras, basic refrigerator technology hasn't changed much in decades. They still chill your milk by way of chemical refrigerants ...

15 hours ago from Gizmag

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Modern version of ancient musical instrument detects poisons

Also known as the thumb piano, the mbira is an African musical instrument that has been around in one form or another for at least 3,000 years. Now, however, scientists have developed ...

Wed 12 Sep 18 from Gizmag

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New photonic chip promises more robust quantum computers

Scientists have developed a topological photonic chip to process quantum information, promising a more robust option for scalable quantum computers.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from

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WhatsApp's next update is designed to give your smartphone battery life a boost

It could be rolled out to WhatsApp users worldwide in the next software update released by the Facebook-owned company. (Stock image)

10 hours ago from Daily Mail

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The Large Hadron Collider celebrates 10 years. What have we learned?

The world's largest particle accelerator has been going for a decade. Physicist Todd Adams from Florida State University in the US sums up the progress so far.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Quantum mechanics may contradict itself when applied to big objects

Standard quantum theory explains the behaviour of microscopic things like electrons and atoms. It should also, in principle apply to larger objects – but it might not

8 hours ago from Newscientist

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'Optical rocket' created with intense laser light

In a recent experiment at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, plasma electrons in the paths of intense laser light pulses were almost instantly accelerated close to the speed of light.

Fri 14 Sep 18 from

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New understanding of light allows researchers to see around corners

Covert sensing of objects around a corner may soon become a reality.

Mon 17 Sep 18 from

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