PrEP implementation is associated with a rapid decline in new HIV infections

Study from Australia is the first to evaluate a population-level roll-out of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in men who have sex with men.

Wed 17 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

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Self-lubricating latex could boost condom use: study

A perpetually unctuous, self-lubricating latex developed by a team of scientists in Boston could boost the use of condoms, they reported Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Wed 17 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

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TB came from Europe, but drug-resistant strains are local affairs

The killer disease mirrors colonisation, but hard-to-treat versions arise independently. Samantha Page reports.

Wed 17 Oct 18 from Cosmos Magazine

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Fentanyl test strips prove useful in preventing overdoses

Among more than 72,000 deaths in the U.S. last year, fentanyl—a highly potent prescription opioid often used to lace other heroin or cocaine, but hard for drug users to detect—factored into ...

Thu 18 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

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Near-atomic resolution model of Ebola virus protein brings clearer understanding of the viral mechanics

Researchers at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have for the first time imaged the structure of a central component of the Ebola virus at near-atomic ...

Wed 17 Oct 18 from

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Teenaged girls did not engage in riskier sexual behavior after HPV vaccination introduced in school

Despite fears to the contrary, sexual behaviours of adolescent girls stayed the same or became safer after publicly funded school-based HPV vaccinations were introduced in British Columbia (BC), ...

Mon 15 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

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Staying a step ahead of the game

Trypanosoma brucei, which causes sleeping sickness, evades the immune system by repeatedly altering the structure of its surface coat. Sequencing of its genome and studies of its 3-D genome ...

Thu 18 Oct 18 from

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Researchers engineer dual vaccine against anthrax and plague

A team of researchers has now engineered a virus nanoparticle vaccine against Bacillus anthracis and Yersinia pestis, tier 1 agents that pose serious threats to national security of the United ...

Tue 16 Oct 18 from Medical Xpress

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Test predicts outcome of hay fever therapies

Allergen-specific immunotherapy can make everyday life much more pleasant for allergy sufferers and provide long-term protection against asthma. It is unclear, however, what exactly happens ...

14 hours ago from Medical Xpress

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Fifth of Y Combinator female founders sexually harassed by investors, research finds

Nineteen say they experienced inappropriate 'incidents' from angel investors or venture capitalists

Tue 16 Oct 18 from The Independent

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