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Aggressive spiders ride out cyclones

We need to know how extreme events affect animal behaviour, researchers say.

Mon 19 Aug 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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Microplastics Are Falling Along With Snow in the Arctic

Frigid terrain on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard, where researchers recently documented microplastic pollution in falling snow. (Credit: Sejsejlija/Shutterstock) When it snows in the ...

Fri 16 Aug 19 from Discover Magazine

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Climate change turns Arctic into strategic, economic hotspot

From a helicopter, Greenland's brilliant white ice and dark mountains make the desolation seem to go on forever. And the few people who live here—its whole population wouldn't fill a football ...

Fri 23 Aug 19 from

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Titanic sub dive reveals parts are being lost to sea

The first people to dive down to the Titanic in nearly 15 years say some parts of the wreck have been lost to the sea.

Wed 21 Aug 19 from BBC News

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Geology creates chemical energy

Origin of a massive methane reservoir discovered.

Wed 21 Aug 19 from Cosmos Magazine

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'Really eerie experience': Giant pumice raft makes its way to Great Barrier Reef

An island of floating rock known as a pumice raft is gradually heading for Australian shores across the Coral Sea and is so expansive it can be tracked via satellite. ...

Fri 23 Aug 19 from ABC Science

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Fracking: UK shale reserves may be smaller than previously estimated

Previous research suggested 50 years of shale gas under the UK, but a new study says it could be less than 10.

Tue 20 Aug 19 from BBC News

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Super-deep diamonds give us window into the birth of Earth

Microscopic bubbles of helium trapped within diamonds have provided the first direct evidence of a reservoir of primordial rock deep below our feet that has remained ...

Thu 15 Aug 19 from ABC Science

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Climate change could pose danger for Muslim pilgrimage: study

For the world's estimated 1.8 billion Muslims—roughly one-quarter of the world population—making a pilgrimage to Mecca is considered a religious duty that must be performed at least once ...

Thu 22 Aug 19 from

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Mourning a dead glacier: How grieving over ecological destruction can help us face the climate crisis

Death certificates and commemorative plaques aren't something you'd normally associate with a glacier. But that is exactly how Iceland recently mourned the loss of 700-year-old Okjökull, the ...

Wed 21 Aug 19 from

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