Proximate goals

“WE’VE been wondering what planet we’re first going to look for life on. Now we know.” Rory Barnes, of the University of Washington, puts it nicely. Proxima Centauri, the star closest ...

Thu 25 Aug 16 from The Economist

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World's largest marine reserve created off Hawaii

US President Barack Obama expands a national monument off Hawaii, creating the world's largest marine reserve.

Fri 26 Aug 16 from BBC News

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Whatsapp and Facebook data sharing: Privacy group threatens legal action over invasive new terms

Company under fire for backtracking on 2014 pledge never to share users' data

15 hours ago from The Independent

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Israeli Hacking Firm Said to Be Behind Groundbreaking iOS Malware

NSO Group, a firm that trades in spyware, stands accused of peddling an unprecedented attack on iPhones.

Fri 26 Aug 16 from MIT Technology Review

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Image: Olympic National Park fires in Washington State

The National Park Service reports that:  "There are currently four small, lightning-caused fires burning in the Olympic National Park wilderness. Although there is no threat to visitor safety ...

Fri 26 Aug 16 from

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Here's one place in the world you can already hail a driverless taxi

This company has begun taking passengers on free rides, and has beaten Uber to the punch.

Thu 25 Aug 16 from The Washington Post

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Italy to test earthquake predictor to reduce deaths and damage

A national earthquake forecasting system combined with data on building vulnerability may help communicate risk of shocks happening – but uncertainties remain

Fri 26 Aug 16 from Newscientist

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Facebook makes trending news feature more automated

Facebook said it is further automating its "trending" stories feature, a move that will scale back human input to prevent personal bias from influencing which stories get highlighted.

Sat 27 Aug 16 from

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Scientists discover a 'dark' Milky Way: Massive galaxy consists almost entirely of dark matter

Using the world's most powerful telescopes, an international team of astronomers has found a massive galaxy that consists almost entirely of dark matter.

Thu 25 Aug 16 from

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Tesla Model S: New battery makes Elon Musk's latest the fastest production car ever built

For the first time 'the fastest car in the world, of any kind, is electric', says Musk

Wed 24 Aug 16 from The Independent

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