Stealthy spy software snooping for years: Symantec

Computer security firm Symantec on Monday said it uncovered stealthy software wielded as part of a years-long spying campaign, most likely by a nation state.

19 hours ago from

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Underwater robot provides first detailed, high-resolution 3D maps of Antarctic sea ice

Antarctic scientists have combined measurements provided by an underwater robot with existing satellite data to show that Antarctic sea ice may be thicker than previously thought. Their first-of-a-kind ...

4 hours ago from Gizmag

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Yahoo replaces Google as default search engine for Firefox browser

Yahoo has struck a deal to become the default search engine on the Firefox internet browser, replacing Google and its ten year partnership with the software.

Thu 20 Nov 14 from The Independent

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Sony Pictures network reportedly hit by hackers

Sony Pictures' computer network has reportedly come under cyberattack, with hackers threatening to release key information from the Japanese group's entertainment division.

9 hours ago from

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Know Right Now: Elon Musk Debuts New Rocket on Twitter

He revealed the improved Falcon 9R

Mon 24 Nov 14 from TIME

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Molecular-assisted alpha taxonomy genetic testing reveals species of red algae

The use of molecular-assisted alpha taxonomy (MAAT) has helped to distinguish species of the Bossiella genus of red algae. Whereas a morphological study showed four Bossiella species in the ...

Thu 20 Nov 14 from

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NASA issues 'remastered' view of Jupiter's moon Europa

( —Scientists have produced a new version of what is perhaps NASA's best view of Jupiter's ice-covered moon, Europa. The mosaic of color images was obtained in the late 1990s by NASA's ...

Fri 21 Nov 14 from

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Sony settles with gov't over gaming console ads

Sony is settling government charges that it misled consumers about its PlayStation Vita hand-held gaming console.

9 hours ago from

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Bizarre Black Sea Devil anglerfish captured on video for the first time

Researchers in the US have released what they believe to be the first video footage showing a bizarre-looking Black Sea Devil anglerfish in the wild.

Mon 24 Nov 14 from The Independent

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Why Vultures Don't Get Sick From Eating Rotten Meat

New study takes a closer look at how vultures can consume meat that other animals cannot

60 minutes ago from TIME

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