Fossils reveal very awkward dinosaur once roamed the Earth

Paleantologists in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia have discovered new fossils that allow them to create a picture of what one of the most unusually-shaped dinosaurs looked like.

12 hours ago from The Independent

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Hate your email? Google knows: its new app promises the earth (and a manageable inbox)

Google has launched a new smartphone app "years in the making" that it claims will let people finally take control of their inboxes.

23 hours ago from The Independent

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New evidence on Neanderthal mixing

New research on a 45,000-year-old Siberian thighbone has narrowed the window of time when humans and Neanderthals interbred to between 50,000 and 60,000 years ago, and has shown that modern ...

23 hours ago from

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Cell transplant enables paralyzed man to walk again

In 2010, Darek Fidyka was paralyzed from the chest down as a result of a knife attack that left an 8 mm gap in his spinal column. Now surgeons in Poland, working in collaboration with scientists ...

2 hours ago from Gizmag

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Partial solar eclipse sweeps across North America

A partial solar eclipse swept across much of North America on Thursday, triggering floods of blurry pictures of a crescent-shaped sun on Twitter and other social media.

2 hours ago from

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Hendo Hover: the world's first real hoverboard?

Despite many efforts to make the hoverboard a reality in the more than two decades since Marty McFly zipped around on one in Back to the Future Part II, we're still waiting. Does the arrival ...

Wed 22 Oct 14 from Gizmag

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Palaeontology: Girls and boys come out to play

To have and to hold SEX is ubiquitous, but sexual intercourse is not. On dry land, it is more or less de rigueur. Sperm and eggs risk dessication otherwise. Mammals, birds and reptiles do ...

18 hours ago from The Economist

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Facebook launches Rooms app to bring the wild, wild web to your smartphone

Facebook has launched a new iPhone app that wants to bring the anonymous internet forums of the mid-2000s directly to your smartphone.

12 minutes ago from The Independent

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Lockheed looks for partners on its proposed fusion reactor

"Skunk Works" project moves into the open and draws more scrutiny

Tue 21 Oct 14 from Science Now

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Heavy comet traffic around young star

Environment of β Pictoris echoes Solar System's turbulent early years.

Wed 22 Oct 14 from Nature News

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