Pluto probe's next target chosen

Nasa's New Horizons spacecraft has a new target to aim for following its historic flyby of Pluto.

Sun 30 Aug 15 from BBC News

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Only one-third of published psychology research is reliable – now what?

The ability to repeat a study and find the same results twice is a prerequisite for building scientific knowledge. Replication allows us to ensure empirical findings are reliable and refines ...

Fri 28 Aug 15 from

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Android Wear invades the Apple Watch's turf: New models will work with iPhones

The Apple Watch just got some big competition. Android Wear watches, which were previously only compatible with Android phones, will start working with iPhones moving forward... Continue ...

13 hours ago from Gizmag

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Stephen Hawking says he's solved a black hole mystery, but physicists await the proof

Physicist Stephen Hawking made a splash this week when he announced that he had solved a vexing conundrum that had puzzled generations of leading physicists - including the 73-year-old scientific ...

Fri 28 Aug 15 from

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M is for personal digital assistant: Facebook announces Siri competitor

Facebook has announced that it is testing a new digital assistant to take on the likes of Apple's Siri and Microsoft's Cortana. Meet Facebook M... Continue Reading M is for personal ...

Fri 28 Aug 15 from Gizmag

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Facebook gets 1 billion users in a day: site becomes bigger than almost every country

One billion people use Facebook in just one day — making it far bigger than most countries, and easily the most used technology product on Earth.

Fri 28 Aug 15 from The Independent

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Seabirds 'blighted by plastic waste'

Unless something is done to stem the flow of waste to the oceans, virtually every seabird will be ingesting plastic debris by 2050, say scientists.

6 hours ago from BBC News

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Ashley Madison still growing despite hack, company claims, with 'hundreds of thousands of new users'

Ashley Madison has signed up hundreds of thousands of new users in the past week, despite a huge hack that revealed the personal data of all of its users.

16 hours ago from The Independent

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Apple TV Rumor Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

It's been a long time coming, but the prophets appear to agree: Apple is finally ready to reinvent TV. But! Instead of a releasing a long-rumored Apple television set, which would be a longshot, ...

9 hours ago from Gizmodo

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Epix reaches multiyear Hulu deal, ends Netflix agreement

The cable network Epix jumped from Netflix to Hulu, landing a multiyear, digital subscription video on demand deal with the streaming service.

16 hours ago from

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