Curiosity finds active organic chemistry on Mars

The hunt for present or past life on Mars got a boost as NASA's Curiosity rover records spikes in atmospheric methane ten times greater than previously measured by the unmanned probe. Though ...

Thu 18 Dec 14 from Gizmag

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North Korea denies involvement in Sony cyber attack

North Korea's UN mission on Friday denied involvement in a cyber attack on Sony Pictures after the US FBI said it had evidence that Pyongyang was behind the hacking.

14 hours ago from

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Hackers warn not to release 'The Interview' in any form

Hackers sent a new email Friday to Sony Pictures Entertainment, gloating over the studio's "wise" decision to cancel the release of "The Interview" and warning not to distribute the film "in ...

14 hours ago from

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Kepler finds new exoplanet as it starts new mission

NASA's Kepler space telescope shows that it still has life in it as its extended mission begins to bear fruit. This week, the space agency announced that the spacecraft detected a new exoplanet, ...

24 hours ago from Gizmag

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Skype's Real-Time Translator Previews English and Spanish

Skype's translation service for spoken conversations kicks off the first preview phase

Wed 17 Dec 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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U.S. Christmas lights seen from space

Satellites pick up holiday cheer around the country

Thu 18 Dec 14 from Science Now

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Birds sensed devastating US tornado and fled one day ahead

Birds nesting on the path of an incoming tornado, which devastated parts of the US, "evacuated" their home one day before, scientists say.

13 hours ago from The Independent

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U.S. Officials Say North Korea Responsible for Sony Cyber Attack

The White House may formally accuse North Korea of launching a cyberterrorism attack on the Hollywood studio

Thu 18 Dec 14 from IEEE Spectrum

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Blackberry launches the Classic, a new phone for people that want an old keyboard

Blackberry today launched its Classic, a new phone that it hopes will convince those holding onto old Blackberrys for their keyboard and size to finally upgrade.

Wed 17 Dec 14 from The Independent

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New Minecraft modding software revolutionizes the way we teach kids coding

A new e-learning software, developed by San Diego education start-up ThoughtSTEM, teaches K-12 students how to code by allowing them to write mods ("modifications") to the popular video game, ...

Thu 18 Dec 14 from

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